How to Fix Google Merchant Center Suspended & Misrepresentation Error

Google has determined some very strict rules which every store owner now has to follow otherwise they will face a complete or partial store shut down by Google. The frustrating thing is that there are so many rules and you’ll also get this suspension if your product feed has problems and you don’t fix them immediately.

So it is advised you check your Google Merchant Center account on a daily basis if you are facing any disapprovals and errors. If you see a notification in Diagnostic Report in red you better hurry and solve it ASAP before you face the account suspension.

Reasons Why You Face The Account Suspension

Reason 1: Pricing of your products

Google considers it a scam if you have not properly set up your pricing. You need to make sure that the details you’ve added in this section match the shipping policy for your store and your products.

Reason 2: Not clearly stating the payment methods people can use

Many Ecom store owners and beginners forget to mention the payment methods on their websites which results in account suspension. These can be added in the footer section of the website.

Reason 3: Promoting out-of-stock items

Google considers it a big mistake if you are promoting out-of-stock items. And in a result, Google will suspend your Merchant Center because according to Google you are creating bad experience for the users. 

Reason 4: Deals and promotions that are not available

If you have any deal or promotion make sure it's working and the user can actually use don't just add a coupon there which doesn't work. 

Reason 5: Providing misleading information

If you want Google to not suspend your account follow these on a priority basis.

1. Never tell your customers that you are a certified reseller when you are not.

2. Never use brand names to drive traffic to specific parts of your website.

3. Never promise something which you can not give to your customers any more this will create bad environment for your store.

4. Never use anything fake on your website like stamps, images and stickers Google will take it as offensive and will suspend your account.

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