How can I fix: Limited performance due to missing value: GTIN error in Google Merchant Center?

Add your product's globally valid GTIN in the Shopify store.

GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) is a unique identifier for a product.

When GTIN is added to your product, it will be displayed next to the barcode on your product's packaging. It helps in the classification of your products, matches your products with search queries, and helps in comparison against different merchants. 

Why do I need a GTIN?

  • Google Merchant Center will only approve products if you enter a valid GTIN for your products.
  • However, not all products have GTIN available for them, like handcrafted, vintage, or not mass-manufactured.
  • Correct GTINs help in matching your products with the search queries and help in increasing impressions and conversions.
  • Any products with missing GTINs risk receiving lower priority in the listing.

How do I add GTIN to my products?

To add GTIN for your products, please update the barcode field of your product in the Shopify store.

This will also solve the error of 'Limited performance due to missing value: GTIN' in your Google Merchant Center.

Follow the below steps to add GTIN to a product: 

Step 1: Go to your Shopify Store Admin Panel

Step 2: Go to Products

Step 3: Select the product where you want to add GTIN

Step 4: Scroll down to the Inventory section

Step 5: In the Barcode field, enter the value of your GTIN 

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